Once in a Lifetime Radio Broadcasting Experience



On February 11-15, 2013, UP Baguio held its annual college week, and as part of the activities in line, our Broadcasting 101 class presented DZUP Baguio: KinigKilig! for a week live radio broadcasting in the school cafeteria. Our production team which must not be named aired for 2 hours at 3-5 pm on the last day. Several students liked the idea of having DZUP, because it’s something new, they said. The three sections (A,E,F) simultaneously had its own scheduled programs for the week. We also aired our different radio commercials we did for our graded boardwork for four different clients. We got a 1.5 grade for the script and 1.25 for our material! 

Here’s my groupmates while doing the live boardwork:


DJ Louie, DJ Cass, and DJ Alex, with Jasper, who is not our groupmate


This time with Keisha


Our tarpaulin, BC 101 Represent!!!


Even if I didn’t have the chance to be on air, because almost all of us wanted to be the DJ, I’m proud I was able to try broadcasting, and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy the other BC classes I’m required to take. Minus the stress, I guess I’d like to work in a broadcast industry someday, or maybe not. Hahaha!

We were also featured at the UPB site! Click here: http://www.upb.edu.ph/index.php/can-you

I’m currently talking up two broadcasting subjects (BC 100: Intro to Broadcasting) and (BC 101: Broadcast Operations and Performance), I’m glad I’m enjoying both. Til the next (stressful) courses!

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