She don’t wanna go outside, tonight

Taken last April (?) 2004

Wandering in the Big Apple. I remember how cold it was that time, and the rain’s not even helping.

For all of you to know, even if you’re not interested, I live at Baguio City. Nope, it’s not my birthplace/hometown, I live here because I study here. Most probably you know how things work out in here: chill climate, school stress, happy night-outs.

I love it here. I love how I don’t feel stressed at all, even if I look so. Even if I only got a few friends but lots of acquaintances, I don’t feel left alone. I might feel, at times, insecure, but I guess I’m starting to realize that life works this way.

Today, I feel nothing.  A part of me wants to go back and be a brat/immature kid again, but a part of me also likes to skip school and go to the part where I’m going to get a good-paying job which lets me travel across the universe.

I miss those times when vacation means going abroad/out of town. Food trips, skating, huge jackets, everything– I wish I could do it all over again.

I miss shopping, not for clothes, but for toys. YES, NO SIGNS OF FEMININITY FOR ME. Yes, I liked shoes, but not those girly shoes. I liked those shoes with wheels in it. Wheels as big as those of a truck. Nuff said.

Seriously, I just miss vacation. I miss it more when the though of having summer classes suddenly pops in my mind.

I wish I wasn’t too chicken before. I wish I agreed in studying abroad. I miss my cousins, our unexpected trips to SB (we didn’t know it was a hardcore cafe back then), I miss our McDo nights just across the condo, thrift markets, sightseeing, Macau, tram!!

I wish I could do it all over again.

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