Yo, dog.












These dogs are called Bichon Frise, if I’m not mistaken. My favorite breed of dog. How cute. I wish I was a dog.



I don’t know what kind of dog this is but lovin the teeth, dawg!!


And this is an ASKAL. Askal is a name of a dog from 2 combined Filipino words which are ASo (dog) and KALye (street). These are dogs that are seen roaming around the neighborhood. Another version of “Filipino dogs” are called AsPin or Asong Pinoy. 

Okay. Guess what, my blog is going to be dedicated to dogs!! You guessed that right? How clever!

As a kid, I grew up with dogs. I didn’t have any siblings back then when we were still living in Manila, so while my parents were busy working, I played with our dogs. I was 3 or 4 years old back then so I couldn’t remember exactly if I liked playing with them or if I was just forced to like them. Anyway, those dogs were Jolas, Jawo, and Jordan. Basketball players much, aren’t they? 🙂

When we moved to Laguna, we left Jolas in Manila with my grandpa (Lolo). Jordan and Jawo came with us here in Laguna. I don’t know why, but that’s what I remember. As I was growing up here, Jordan was closer to me than I was with Jawo. Jawo liked staying at our neighbor’s house. I don’t know why. I left for the States one summer, and the next thing I knew, Jawo was gone. RIP Jawo, I miss you.

Jordan, on the other hand, was last seen at our other neighbor’s house. I don’t know what happened to him, but I guess dogs don’t stay that much long like humans do. I’m gonna miss that dog. He was there as I grew up. I miss him so much. RIP Jordan.

And then there were quite a lot dogs who have been a part of our family, some I could not quite remember the names (but I was pretty sure they were named after some legendary basketball players both from NBA and PBA… you know, dads) but I remember Seigle.

Seigle was named after a famous PBA player Danny Seigle so there… Hahaha. 

Seigle was my pet. I remember how much I loved it. I liked feeding it and playing with it. It always bit my toes. It had a leash. (WOW) Hahaha for me you can’t be a legit dog owner if you don’t have a dog leash. One stormy afternoon, I left Seigle inside his dog cage. I went inside the house because I couldn’t play outside. Our helper hurriedly called me and said Seigle was missing. It left its dog cage. Maybe he was really terrified by the sudden thunders. God, I was really crazy. I walked around the village hoping to find him, It was raining so hard while I was crying. When it was dark already, I got home. I was still hoping I would find him. Weeks passed, he was really gone. I miss you Seigle. I wish that you are being loved wherever you are. 🙂

And then there was Tequila. Tequila is a labrador bought by my dad. It was a cute dog. Except that it didn’t like me. Everytime I go home TO OUR OWN HOME, I would have to use the doorbell because our helper would have to keep Tequila away from me because it always barked on me and it always bit me whenever he was not leashed. I was like the visitor. Tequila loved every member of this family but not me.

Tequila had to go. I don’t exactly remember why, but he is in the hands of another owner who would love him. I wish he’s still as fierce and energetic as he was before. God I missed that crazy dog, how he barks at me whenever I’m home. I guess I was his favorite. ❤

Just recently, we had Bruno. Bruno is a female dog. Don’t ask me why she is named Bruno, I don’t even know why. He was given to us by our relatives in Manila. He’s now living with our computer technician because… I don’t know hehe. But he was a good dog to my brother. 🙂

I guess dogs are the reason why I have attachment issues. I live with them for so long and the next thing I know, they’re gone. They are like best friends to me. When Seigle went missing, I got upset. When Tequila was gone, our family felt weird. I felt weird going home without a dog barking at me. Dogs don’t live as long as people do. I wish they would. Some dogs are better companion than some people. Unfortunately, dogs can’t give you pieces of advice but it would make you feel you’re loved. I wish they would.

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