Summer Hike


    For Holy Week, my roommate invited me to join her and my other roommate to go to Mt. Cabuyao on Good Friday. At first, because I know that I’m really not physically fit for hiking and the thought that that I might just be a burden for their hike, I declined their invitation. But because my roommate was insisting that I should come and that he kept on bugging me to come because he did not want to be a third wheel (we were joined by Ate Aina’s boyfriend), and that I really wanted to go (after all, it was Mt. Cabuyao), and after sudden realizations that it was Holy Week at that time (meaning, it was for Christ–not for my eternal movie marathon pleasures), I chose to come despite my worries.



Me, Ate Aina, Kuya Conrad, and Em. 

The night before our hike, we prepared the things we had to bring. Since we were joining the Station of the Cross, we printed booklets for us to use during the tramp. Also, we brought medicines and first-aid kits for minor bruises. We also bought snacks, and prepared our lunch (yummy adobo by Ate Ai and Em) to eat after the hike. Don’t worry, we brought reusable containers and we didn’t litter on the area. Anyway, Ate Aina and Em are both environmentalists and aside from that, they have both hiked to different mountains in the North. 


Station of the Cross, 2014.

We arrivied in Tuba, Benguet where Mt. Cabuyao is located at around 7 or 8am. From Baguio City, it would take a 30-45 minute ride (And I think this also depends on the traffic). We rode the jeepney going to Greenwater and alighted from the jeep at the foot of the mountain. While we were hiking, my roommate Em, (most diligent friend I have ever met) as expected, didn’t kill time. He was memorizing chemical whatnots for his Chemistry exam while we were walking. I, on the other hand, was eating and listening to my music player while Ate Aina and Kuya Conrad were talking to each other.

When we reached the area for the station of the Cross, we joined some people in the tramp. Some of them were ardent followers of the Station of the Cross traditions, and some, like me, were first-timers. There were a lot of people at the time we went there because it was Good Friday. Families, groups of friends, couples, and religious organizations were seen to observe the Holy Week tradition.


Towards the end of our hike, we could barely see our way down through because of the fog. We actually expected that it would rain and fortunately, it didn’t. After several photo ops, we found our cozy picnic place 30-45 minutes away from the famous cave where buried remains and broken coffins can be found. We tried to go there as well but unfortunately, we were too tired so we just opted to eat instead.


After several attempts of having a picture perfect group shots, we came up with these. Sorry, we didn’t have monopods. Actually, I’m really not sorry for not having a monopod. I  think monopods are funny.

Anyway, it was a good afternoon picnic for us. We enjoyed eating and talking and laughing and lying on the grass. It was the perfect time to appreciate our environment while observing Holy Week traditions, and at the same time, a perfect time to rest our eyes and keep them away from our laptop monitors for awhile. We’ve had too much acads. Kidding. We’ve had too much facebook, twitter, and acads.


Behind us is the Mickey Mouse Ear-shaped radar built by the Americans. This can be seen from the SM Baguio Veranda too. 🙂 

All in all, we had almost 7 or 8 hours of walking spent that my legs ached for three days. But it was a great tramp indeed! Something I thought I wouldn’t do for a lifetime. It’s also a great way to spend vacation, instead of sleeping through it and looking at various vacay and endless #laboracay photos on your news feed while miserably binge-eating/watching TV series as what I have planned to do. 

When we got back to the city, we were too tired and hungry that we decided to go to McDonald’s and eat for merienda. We were soooOoOoo tired of walking and when we were about to go home, it took us about 30 minutes to ride a cab and go home.

I enjoyed it a lot. Next time, we’re planning to go to Quezon Province or to Sagada in Mountain Province for our next trip. I’m so excited for that. 🙂

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