Day 7: 9 things you just can’t handle

1. Cockroaches. Moreover, cockroaches with advanced capabilities; e.g. flying cockroaches. Why can cockroaches fly and pigs can’t? It would have been pretty cool to see flying pigs in the evening while having pork for dinner. So heavenly and ridiculous at the same time. Or why can’t humans fly instead? Why does it have to be, of all creatures, cockroaches? They already look powerful even without doing anything.

2. Foul odor. Spoiled/Rotten food or dead animals. I once watched a live scene of a cat chasing a rat at an alley near our place in Baguio while I was eating a bowl of arroz caldo one night. The rat died a few meters away from me. The next morning, the rat was still there. Such a wonderful sight to see on my way to school.

3. Gross kinds of teeth. Those teeth which make you think if they can still be considered as teeth. 

4. Frog dissection aka the nightmare in 2nd year high school.

5. Sewage.

6.  Blood. But I’ve kind of gotten used to it for the love of Breaking Bad. But seeing an actual blood from an accident or injury grosses me out.

7. Photos of rare diseases posted on the internet. Like when you’re having a good day then someone from your facebook friends shares an indecent photo of a disease.

8. Snakes and other slimy animals like eel, etc.

9. Spiders.

It was really hard to think of gross things because I am gross as well. Feelis like I belong in this category. Kidding aside, I think what I really find gross about my list would be that frog dissection thing in high school where we had to hold a live frog and label its parts and actually touching a frog. For heaven’s sake I had group mates who were also as scared as I am and still I couldn’t forget that frog. Haunts me everytime. Wondering where that frog is now. Rest in peace, froggy. Thanks for helping me in Biology.

I was supposed to put ‘feelings’ in the list but I’m really not in the mood to blog. I’m just tired. Haha.


Day 6: The hardest thing you’ve ever been through

I think it’s moving out for college. But I’ve blogged about this already, so I’ll just share a personal experience that I can actually consider the hardest, meaning I’m only the one who deals with it—family not involved.

I have some problems when it comes to keeping my friends close. I’m not really people-friendly because I’m socially awkward, but if ever I find someone I can be honest with or someone I can send links of funny videos and interesting things I found on the internet with, I keep them close. But then again, I’m not a very consistent friend. A lot of times I forget about my best friends. 5 or 6 months can pass without talking to them. I don’t know, I just tend to forget a lot of things. Even my childhood best friends—I haven’t seen and talked to them personally yet for almost a year. And we’re just neighbors. Maybe I’m the worst kind of friend.

Forgive me if I’m using the pronoun ‘It.’ Not comfortable enough to use he/she. Hehe

Mid-2012, I found a friend over the internet. Wait. It found me. We were schoolmates before, but he transferred to another university. We talked a lot. Through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and phone calls. It was such a good friend. It was there from morning til midnight. We’d talk about everything – mostly sports, tv series, love life, 9gag – anything.

Until one day, it said something to me. I was taken aback. I didn’t know the right words to say. I didn’t know how to properly handle the situation. Even though I knew what I really wanted to say, I said the complete opposite. It was sad. It found lots of friends in its university, which made me feel sad and abandoned. I felt strange. My routine wasn’t the same without it and I’s conversation. A few weeks later, it came back. I was so happy I thought I’d lost it forever. Then it met someone. It was happy. I was happy for it. But again, I felt strange. It came back. Repeat situation until it and I met. It was the end.

A.Y. 2013-2014 was sad. I felt sad a lot of times. I missed my friend a lot. Although we occasionally talk, I still want that same situation we were into before. But I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again.

It was hard. I couldn’t focus on my acads. I only liked to sleep a lot to forget things. I liked to stay out of my bed because I’d only remember. At times, I visit it’s profile and see that he’s happy. I really got sad. Saddest was even an understatement. Didn’t know I’d feel that sad for a friend. It made me realize how it feels to be forgotten.

Today, I don’t feel anything anymore. There are so many friends to meet in the near future. For now, I think it’s better off that way. I learned my lesson: I should not invest lots of stories and feelings to a friend. Sometimes it’s better to keep it to yourself. Because when the time comes that friend gets lost, you’ll feel lost eventually as well.

Hoping that I’m not going to miss it again in the future.


Going to share one of my favorite illustrations by Yumi Sakugawa. 🙂

Day 5: That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it

Not to brag but as far as my memory serves me right, I haven’t made a huge lie (ummm yet?) that I can share. Of course there are those white lies I did as a kid (and as an adult) but no matter how much I try to remember, I still couldn’t think of something I can consider as huge. Or maybe… every lie I told can actually be considered as something ‘huge’ for some people but not for me because I’ve already made so much lies that I couldn’t distinguish if it’s something huge or not. Meh.

Anyway, I’ll just tell those ridiculous lies I made as a kid that makes me laugh now and makes me realize how stupid I was when I did that.

5. The American Cousin

Back when I used to talk and gossip with my “guRlfrAndz” over the phone, I remember one time when my best friend told me about her American cousin named Andanise. She spoke to me over the phone at times but I still didn’t believe that. Because I was so competitive that I felt that I needed to top that American cousin, I made my own American cousin as well. Her name was “Kenny Lainozz.” What on Earth was I thinking? What a stupid name. I pretended to be Kenny and talked to my best friend—complete with an American accent.

giphy (7)

4. The Dream

I was always that student who always loved to recite in class. In our English class, we were asked about our last dream and tell it to the class. My classmates told weird and amazing stories and mine was utterly boring—so I decided to invent a dream! The dream was so lame because I just wanted to impress my crush that he was in my dream. Kill me now.

giphy (6)

3. When I forgot (to do) my assignment.

When I was in 5th grade, I forgot to do my assignment. I know it’s just a normal thing kids do but not for me. I was a very competitive student and I always wanted to be included in the honor roll. I can’t believe myself that I forgot about it! (I also remember that one time I forgot to do my assignment and my teacher made me leave the room. It was my birthday that day. Aww.) When it was already my turn to bring my assignment in front to be checked by my teacher, I told her I left it at home because the chart for cleaning materials (the homework) was too big for me to bring to school CONSIDERING that I live only a few blocks away from school. Damn it. How lame. In the end, my mom saw my Huge Zero and reprimanded me.

2. Doctor, Doctor I am sick

To make things clear, this was an unintentional lie. I didn’t plan for this. Hahahaha.

When I was in high school, I was always this sickly girl (dengue girl here, bitch!) who’s always in the clinic and my name’s the only name you can repeatedly see in the logbook of the school nurse. If only our school nurse were not that hot-headed, she could’ve been my best friend. One time during class, our High school principal excused me from class (it was a Math class… imagine being excused in a Math class… HEAVEN ON EARTH FEELING) saying that my father was there to fetch me because I’m supposed to have a medical appointment with my doctor. I hurriedly packed my bags and went with my father to the hospital, only to find out that the doctor was out. So instead, we ate lunch at Jollibee and went home. I slept and ate snacks. Didn’t bother going back to class.

1. Doctor, Doctor I am sick version 2.0

Since I was always sickly due to my allergy, the clinic became my sanctuary. I usually sleep because we had a slightly comfortable bed in school we can sleep on if we weren’t feeling well. At that time, I had my allergies but I couldn’t exactly remember if I felt ill or I was just sleepy. So there I went to the clinic, slept, and woke up feeling perfectly fine. When the nurse asked me if I was okay, I told them I still wasn’t feeling well. They asked me if I wanted to go home, to which of course I immediately replied, “Yes.” I commuted on my way home and our guidance counselor saw me smirking because of that lie. I told him I really didn’t feel well but then he asked me how am I able to commute if I was really not feeling well. When I got home, I slept and had my snacks.

giphy (5)


I’m not proud of lying. It’s a bad thing!! There were other bad things I’ve done as a kid, but now that I’m almost 20 years old, I now know that what I have done were things that my parents won’t be proud of if they knew about it. I’ve thought about these mistakes and sometimes, it still haunts me. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson well: That lying just to impress is bad, and that lying about what you really feel can make you feel even worse. 🙂

Day 4: The Day you left home

I’m a constant traveller. I like going to places.  But I never dreamt of that—it just happens. Maybe I’m blessed with a great aunt and uncle who pay for my trips abroad, or maybe I’m blessed with parents who let me explore places I’ve never been to—even if that would mean that I have to leave home. Maybe, it’s because of the mole on my feet, which, according to hearsays, represents the desire for travel. When I was younger my mom already told me about this, and I’ve heard this also on a certain show on TV although I’m not sure if this has scientific basis. Probably none.

Thinking about travelling again makes me miss Hong Kong, Boston, China and Macau. 😦

Anyway, I never really left home for good—yet. I still go back home on semester breaks or during Christmas breaks. However, going to college would definitely be the longest period of time I’m away from home. As you know (probably not), I’m from Laguna – located in Southern part of Luzon, Philippines but I’m going to a university in Baguio (UP Baguio) located in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the Northern Philippines. Don’t ask me why I chose to study in Baguio because I also don’t know the answer—yet.

With that having said, I left home for college. I passed BA Communication in UP Baguio and my parents wanted me to go to UP. Don’t ask me why I did not go to UP Los Baños instead because I don’t know why either. Hahahaha.

Leaving home was hard! I had to do everything on my own – from laundry to cooking to waking up without my mother screaming at me to preparing for school.


We had a helper before that helped do all that at home, but now that I have to do it all by myself, it was horribly hard. A few days after my parents left me for college, I got homesick. I cried because I missed them so much. I didn’t have a laptop at that time yet, so it was just me and my phone. Good thing I had the best roommates for college and they helped me with that. I enjoyed my first year of college!


But the very day I left home – I was so anxious.


I couldn’t exactly remember what time it was nighttime. For the last time, I queued blog posts on tumblr (very dedicated blogger???) on our desktop PC because I didn’t have a laptop then yet. I stared at our house for long because I’m not sure when will I ever see it again. I went to my best friend’s house to bid goodbye and gave her my used books. I was still scared. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna survive college.

Fast forward to 2014, I believe leaving home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Leaving home meant away from comfort – which also meant an opportunity to seek for adventures I didn’t even wish for. It was the time I didn’t know I could do a lot of things. It was that time I learned there was a whole new life waiting for me in that city. I will never regret that decision. It was that time I proved myself that everything I wanted was on the other side of fear.


Day 3: Your favorite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world.

I am the worst cook in the world. If it weren’t for college independence, I wouldn’t have learned how to cook on my own. Even easy frying scares me to death. Frying eggs and hotdogs without actually burning them is already an achievement. Fast forward to three eventful years away from my parents’ cooking skills, I can say I’ve improved. I can now cook my own rice, fry foods other than eggs and hotdogs (eg, fish, meat, prawns) although I remember one time burning my food that I had to fake it while eating so that my housemates won’t notice my stupidity. Also I remember that time I woke up at 12 nn just in time for lunch so I decided to cook adobo– little did I know it was already 4 pm at that time. Basically it served to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in.

Anyway since I’m not really a cook, the only recipe I can share, which is also my favorite, would be porkchops in oyster sauce. It’s just very simple. Fry porkchops, remove them from the pan, saute garlic and onions (not sure if saute’s the right word basically hearing it from all them cooking shows) put oyster sauce and half a cup of water if you don’t want it salty. Put back those porkchops then eat. 

Dafuq did I just say. o_O I don’t even consider it as a recipe! Hahahahaha good thing I didn’t wish to be a chef when I was younger hahahahahaha

Day 2: The worst movie you ever did see, and why

I couldn’t really think of a movie I can actually judge as “worst” because if I feel like I’m not gonna like a movie, I don’t continue watching it anymore. So far, maybe what I can only consider as worst for me would be because that movie was so predictable and formulaic, if it lacks substance for me, and if I’ve seen previous movies with the same plot.

But don’t get me wrong, I like Zac Efron. Aaaaand Imogen Poots! It’s just this movie I didn’t like. So… the worst movie for me is…


Looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes just to see if somebody feels the same towards the movie and I found out that some people do!

“The talents of the three leading men are wasted on a shallow, misguided story that lets them talk a lot about boners and pooping but gives them no opportunity to be funny or charming.” – Eric D. Snider on 14th Feb, 2014

“The boys’ expletive R-rated banter furthers the genuineness to decent comedic effect, though often undermined by some misplaced farcical gags that hit-or-miss.” – Liam Maguren of on 13th Feb, 2014

Right from the start, I already guessed that this was some sort of a comedy-chick flick movie but for me it kinda failed. I actually waited for it to be released because Miles Teller and the Zac Efron was there but I think I expected too much. Loved Miles Teller in 21 and Over, though.

I also think that they could have used each actor’s strength to portray the characters in the movie, or the story could have been improved. Furthermore, I think Teller and Efron make a good tandem (for me).

There are lots of movies that are actually worse than this one but this is the recent movie I’ve watched that –oh wait. I remember one other movie that I didn’t like– Beauty and the Briefcase. 🙂


50 Things to Blog About

The idea of having a 3-month vacation due to the academic calendar shift in our university excited me at first, because it is only fair enough for me to get a compensation from my “barely no sleep” semester that happened before summer. I’m not even exaggerating. But now that I’m in the middle of this looong vacation, I’m starting to realize that having a long vacation from writing might affect my academics when I get back on school. I admit that I got weary with writing (particularly because Journalism… and tons of requirements) but I’m not complaining because I think writing is not a chore.

So starting today, inspired by this blog post, I’m going to write something to enhance my crappy writing skills and to prevent mental weariness from writing.

DAY ONE: That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever

 Applying for UPCAT.


Photo grabbed here.

When I was in third year high school I still had no plans of what course to take in college. All I wanted then was that course should not have anything to do with Math or numbers in particular– a decision greatly influenced by Geometry and Statistics that I was taking up at that moment. But what’s worse is that I was so clueless where and what university should I apply for, because I knew that decision were out of my hands. Although I can still remember my mom mentioning a few years back that she wanted me to take Nursing in UST because it was an in demand course at that time. 

I remember my classmates preparing requirements for the UPCAT. Still clueless, I just watched them prepare and talk about it. I didn’t know that it was one of the most-awaited college admission test in the country. I don’t even know why I didn’t know what UP was, but I remember it was something taught to us related to Thomasites in Sibika in gradeschool. Little did I know UP wasn’t just a university; It was the university.

I forgot who convinced me to join them to prepare the requirements but I’m 100% sure it wasn’t me who initiated to apply for it as I was so clueless with life at that time. (And my indolence with tasks like that is a cogent evidence). I remember how my dad would always get annoyed with my futility w/ regards to passing requirements for a college entrance exam that he asked our guidance counselor to help me with it. Haha.

Back to the UPCAT, I joined my classmates in passing requirements and finally going to UPLB to take the UPCAT. Was so nervous I wanted to puke right before I entered the room. I was one of the early birds (What was I thinking?? I was only from Calamba) and we were there at 5 in the morning. We had breakfast in McDo but I wasn’t able to eat a lot (because nervousnesssssss). When I took the exam, there were some familiar faces at the university — some were my classmates in my former school, some I competed with at a quiz bee. Went to see my classmates who likewise took the exam and got home. Also, during the exam, I tripped on a barrier at the restroom and some parents witnessed my idiocy. Wanted to disappear and never go back to the room again. (What a perfect time to let everyone witness your stupidity, Tin!!!!)


I also remember that there was a student who brought about 30 pcs of Mongol pencils. WHAT. IN THE WORLD. WAS SHE. THINKING.

When I reached a particular sub test, I got hungry and ate my snacks. And I continued to answer the test. Hours had passed and finally, the excruciating exam has ended. I admit it was kind of easier compared to my assessment test in Brain Train (which I failed by the way) but right then and there, when I finished the test, I knew I wasn’t going to pass. I was sure of that.



Photo grabbed here

Told it to my parents so that they wouldn’t get upset if ever I didn’t get in. There was a second option: apply for another university. So I did. 

One early morning after a few months from the painful UPCAT and right before my mom woke me up to go to school, I received a text message from my preschool best friend that I passed the holy UPCAT. Didn’t want to believe it because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t. But I did. Results were really out as it came from the news, and my parents saw it on the computer that fateful day. I clearly remember that my name was on the list! When I got to school, people were congratulating me and what I liked about it was that those teachers who thought I wouldn’t pass the exam saw it in their faces. I FUCKING DID IT, I SAID TO MYSELF. I did not say that, actually. But I should’ve said that.


It was such a happy moment. If I didn’t join my friends to pass requirements for the UPCAT, I wouldn’t have passed the exam. I wouldn’t be studying in such a great place called Baguio City. I wouldn’t have had great college friends, orgs, and I wouldn’t have had learned to be independent. I wouldn’t have had known someone who taught me how to handle things maturely. I wouldn’t have had done things I thought was too impossible for a fearful girl like me. 

At times, I admit I want to transfer to another university, because I feel inferior in UP. But now I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m not in this university to feel superior and rank higher against anybody in the school. I’m here to learn, and I’m here to make myself ready when the time comes that I need to make wise decisions on my own. Only 3 years in this university and I’m learning a lot, not only through academics, but through surviving life away from my family. 

*gifs grabbed here.

Summer Hike


    For Holy Week, my roommate invited me to join her and my other roommate to go to Mt. Cabuyao on Good Friday. At first, because I know that I’m really not physically fit for hiking and the thought that that I might just be a burden for their hike, I declined their invitation. But because my roommate was insisting that I should come and that he kept on bugging me to come because he did not want to be a third wheel (we were joined by Ate Aina’s boyfriend), and that I really wanted to go (after all, it was Mt. Cabuyao), and after sudden realizations that it was Holy Week at that time (meaning, it was for Christ–not for my eternal movie marathon pleasures), I chose to come despite my worries.



Me, Ate Aina, Kuya Conrad, and Em. 

The night before our hike, we prepared the things we had to bring. Since we were joining the Station of the Cross, we printed booklets for us to use during the tramp. Also, we brought medicines and first-aid kits for minor bruises. We also bought snacks, and prepared our lunch (yummy adobo by Ate Ai and Em) to eat after the hike. Don’t worry, we brought reusable containers and we didn’t litter on the area. Anyway, Ate Aina and Em are both environmentalists and aside from that, they have both hiked to different mountains in the North. 


Station of the Cross, 2014.

We arrivied in Tuba, Benguet where Mt. Cabuyao is located at around 7 or 8am. From Baguio City, it would take a 30-45 minute ride (And I think this also depends on the traffic). We rode the jeepney going to Greenwater and alighted from the jeep at the foot of the mountain. While we were hiking, my roommate Em, (most diligent friend I have ever met) as expected, didn’t kill time. He was memorizing chemical whatnots for his Chemistry exam while we were walking. I, on the other hand, was eating and listening to my music player while Ate Aina and Kuya Conrad were talking to each other.

When we reached the area for the station of the Cross, we joined some people in the tramp. Some of them were ardent followers of the Station of the Cross traditions, and some, like me, were first-timers. There were a lot of people at the time we went there because it was Good Friday. Families, groups of friends, couples, and religious organizations were seen to observe the Holy Week tradition.


Towards the end of our hike, we could barely see our way down through because of the fog. We actually expected that it would rain and fortunately, it didn’t. After several photo ops, we found our cozy picnic place 30-45 minutes away from the famous cave where buried remains and broken coffins can be found. We tried to go there as well but unfortunately, we were too tired so we just opted to eat instead.


After several attempts of having a picture perfect group shots, we came up with these. Sorry, we didn’t have monopods. Actually, I’m really not sorry for not having a monopod. I  think monopods are funny.

Anyway, it was a good afternoon picnic for us. We enjoyed eating and talking and laughing and lying on the grass. It was the perfect time to appreciate our environment while observing Holy Week traditions, and at the same time, a perfect time to rest our eyes and keep them away from our laptop monitors for awhile. We’ve had too much acads. Kidding. We’ve had too much facebook, twitter, and acads.


Behind us is the Mickey Mouse Ear-shaped radar built by the Americans. This can be seen from the SM Baguio Veranda too. 🙂 

All in all, we had almost 7 or 8 hours of walking spent that my legs ached for three days. But it was a great tramp indeed! Something I thought I wouldn’t do for a lifetime. It’s also a great way to spend vacation, instead of sleeping through it and looking at various vacay and endless #laboracay photos on your news feed while miserably binge-eating/watching TV series as what I have planned to do. 

When we got back to the city, we were too tired and hungry that we decided to go to McDonald’s and eat for merienda. We were soooOoOoo tired of walking and when we were about to go home, it took us about 30 minutes to ride a cab and go home.

I enjoyed it a lot. Next time, we’re planning to go to Quezon Province or to Sagada in Mountain Province for our next trip. I’m so excited for that. 🙂


In line with our internship program, PIA-Cordillera asked us to go to the Journalism Seminar held at the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) AVR at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Baguio City. I and 13 of my fellow interns attended the said event, and thankfully we did because it was a once in a lifetime experience. We were supposed to have a class today for Journalism 109 (Laws on Mass Media) but our instructor cancelled it yesterday, so there we were, in a whole day seminar together with friends from Mining corporations’ info officers and other interns from other media outfits. SICE and BCBC members were also there in the event.

The said event was composed of 7 segments, each having a designated speaker from various media outfits in Baguio City. The first lecture was from Sir Sly Quintos of Baguio Chronicle. He lectured about the basics of newswriting: its elements, types, parts, and news gathering as well. Also, he gave us a brief discussion of Writer’s block and what causes it. He also shared with his companions when it comes to writing, and he also gave usa brief and interesting lecture about politically-correct words.

Ms. May Anne Cacdac of Sun.Star Baguio followed after and talked about Feature Writing. She discussed what feature writing really is and how to differentiate it from advice columns. She also imparted her experiences regarding writing. She also taught us how to write a feature story and substantiate it. Questions were asked at the end of her talk and when she was asked regarding the use of some words that may not be understood by others, she told us that we also have to give writers an ‘artistic license’ in terms of writing.

The Sportswriting lecture came next with Sir Roderick Osis of Sun.Star Baguio as well discussed how sports article is made. He mentioned that some people may consider it as one of the hardest topics to write about but with thorough practice, one can definitely say that it may be the easiest writing assignment one could write about. He emphasized that to have a good article, one must be fair in reporting, just like in news. Also, he mentioned sports lingo, which might be deceptive but through careful analysis and practice it will improve along the way. He also taught us how to write a sports lead and how to structure the body of the article.

Facebook Advocacy and Iphone Photography came next after lunch. For Facebook Advocacy, the speaker taught us how Facebook has helped promote advocacy and become an agent of change, especially for the people of Baguio. Different movements were made successful through online advocacies and it’s also becoming a trend these days. Different opinions were heard regarding whether Mining Corporations should consider Facebook as a platform to voice out their statements and their explanations that Mining has in fact helped people because they were ‘scared’ of the consequences they might face online. Ms. Pryce Quintos of PIA suggested that they ‘kill that fear’ instead and use social media to voice out their side because that’s where the masses are found and reached. 

In the iPhone Photography lecture, we were taught about the basics and wonders of photography using smart phones. Several participants showed the photographs they took and the speaker gave them pieces of advice on how to improve it. Also, he showed us how we can use our smartphones to capture images and tell a story for journalistic purposes.

Richard Balonglong, a photojournalist and correspondent of the Philippine Daily Inquirer taught us regarding Videography. He showed us the basics of using video editors and some of his works as well. Audiences were amused as he lectured regarding composition and lighting in photography and videography as well, and samples of his work which were really eye-catching. One thing we learned from him that we should plan our ideas carefully beforehand and it takes patience and courage to get the results we want to get. 

Lastly, regarding New Media, Pryce Quintos of PIA-Cordillera discussed ‘Twitter Journalism’ as a new trend in social media. She first discussed what Twitter is and what it is composed of, and also how it works. She also discussed ‘live tweeting’ or ‘tweeting as it happens’ as a form of journalism. She mentions that Twitter is a ‘virtual notebook’ and that in just a tweet, one can inform a lot of people in 140 characters or less. She also gave us tips on do’s and dont’s in tweeting, as well as the purposes of hashtags to create a community. She also asked us to create a hashtag to be used for the seminar and our group won. Actually I had that idea but I didn’t want to share it to them because I don’t think it’s witty enough and not all people can understand the pun I intended. Anyway, the hashtag was #PressWithBenefits. 

The seminar was overflowing with Journalism discussions from the conventional newswriting up to the emerging form of Journalism in Social Media. It was a very interesting seminar and I hope we could attend more. Thank you to DENR, SICE, and BCBC for that wonderful event, we learned so much and we hope we were also able to impart our knowledge to you guys as well. 😉


Yo, dog.












These dogs are called Bichon Frise, if I’m not mistaken. My favorite breed of dog. How cute. I wish I was a dog.



I don’t know what kind of dog this is but lovin the teeth, dawg!!


And this is an ASKAL. Askal is a name of a dog from 2 combined Filipino words which are ASo (dog) and KALye (street). These are dogs that are seen roaming around the neighborhood. Another version of “Filipino dogs” are called AsPin or Asong Pinoy. 

Okay. Guess what, my blog is going to be dedicated to dogs!! You guessed that right? How clever!

As a kid, I grew up with dogs. I didn’t have any siblings back then when we were still living in Manila, so while my parents were busy working, I played with our dogs. I was 3 or 4 years old back then so I couldn’t remember exactly if I liked playing with them or if I was just forced to like them. Anyway, those dogs were Jolas, Jawo, and Jordan. Basketball players much, aren’t they? 🙂

When we moved to Laguna, we left Jolas in Manila with my grandpa (Lolo). Jordan and Jawo came with us here in Laguna. I don’t know why, but that’s what I remember. As I was growing up here, Jordan was closer to me than I was with Jawo. Jawo liked staying at our neighbor’s house. I don’t know why. I left for the States one summer, and the next thing I knew, Jawo was gone. RIP Jawo, I miss you.

Jordan, on the other hand, was last seen at our other neighbor’s house. I don’t know what happened to him, but I guess dogs don’t stay that much long like humans do. I’m gonna miss that dog. He was there as I grew up. I miss him so much. RIP Jordan.

And then there were quite a lot dogs who have been a part of our family, some I could not quite remember the names (but I was pretty sure they were named after some legendary basketball players both from NBA and PBA… you know, dads) but I remember Seigle.

Seigle was named after a famous PBA player Danny Seigle so there… Hahaha. 

Seigle was my pet. I remember how much I loved it. I liked feeding it and playing with it. It always bit my toes. It had a leash. (WOW) Hahaha for me you can’t be a legit dog owner if you don’t have a dog leash. One stormy afternoon, I left Seigle inside his dog cage. I went inside the house because I couldn’t play outside. Our helper hurriedly called me and said Seigle was missing. It left its dog cage. Maybe he was really terrified by the sudden thunders. God, I was really crazy. I walked around the village hoping to find him, It was raining so hard while I was crying. When it was dark already, I got home. I was still hoping I would find him. Weeks passed, he was really gone. I miss you Seigle. I wish that you are being loved wherever you are. 🙂

And then there was Tequila. Tequila is a labrador bought by my dad. It was a cute dog. Except that it didn’t like me. Everytime I go home TO OUR OWN HOME, I would have to use the doorbell because our helper would have to keep Tequila away from me because it always barked on me and it always bit me whenever he was not leashed. I was like the visitor. Tequila loved every member of this family but not me.

Tequila had to go. I don’t exactly remember why, but he is in the hands of another owner who would love him. I wish he’s still as fierce and energetic as he was before. God I missed that crazy dog, how he barks at me whenever I’m home. I guess I was his favorite. ❤

Just recently, we had Bruno. Bruno is a female dog. Don’t ask me why she is named Bruno, I don’t even know why. He was given to us by our relatives in Manila. He’s now living with our computer technician because… I don’t know hehe. But he was a good dog to my brother. 🙂

I guess dogs are the reason why I have attachment issues. I live with them for so long and the next thing I know, they’re gone. They are like best friends to me. When Seigle went missing, I got upset. When Tequila was gone, our family felt weird. I felt weird going home without a dog barking at me. Dogs don’t live as long as people do. I wish they would. Some dogs are better companion than some people. Unfortunately, dogs can’t give you pieces of advice but it would make you feel you’re loved. I wish they would.