Day 7: 9 things you just can’t handle

1. Cockroaches. Moreover, cockroaches with advanced capabilities; e.g. flying cockroaches. Why can cockroaches fly and pigs can’t? It would have been pretty cool to see flying pigs in the evening while having pork for dinner. So heavenly and ridiculous at the same time. Or why can’t humans fly instead? Why does it have to be, of all creatures, cockroaches? They already look powerful even without doing anything.

2. Foul odor. Spoiled/Rotten food or dead animals. I once watched a live scene of a cat chasing a rat at an alley near our place in Baguio while I was eating a bowl of arroz caldo one night. The rat died a few meters away from me. The next morning, the rat was still there. Such a wonderful sight to see on my way to school.

3. Gross kinds of teeth. Those teeth which make you think if they can still be considered as teeth. 

4. Frog dissection aka the nightmare in 2nd year high school.

5. Sewage.

6.  Blood. But I’ve kind of gotten used to it for the love of Breaking Bad. But seeing an actual blood from an accident or injury grosses me out.

7. Photos of rare diseases posted on the internet. Like when you’re having a good day then someone from your facebook friends shares an indecent photo of a disease.

8. Snakes and other slimy animals like eel, etc.

9. Spiders.

It was really hard to think of gross things because I am gross as well. Feelis like I belong in this category. Kidding aside, I think what I really find gross about my list would be that frog dissection thing in high school where we had to hold a live frog and label its parts and actually touching a frog. For heaven’s sake I had group mates who were also as scared as I am and still I couldn’t forget that frog. Haunts me everytime. Wondering where that frog is now. Rest in peace, froggy. Thanks for helping me in Biology.

I was supposed to put ‘feelings’ in the list but I’m really not in the mood to blog. I’m just tired. Haha.


Day 6: The hardest thing you’ve ever been through

I think it’s moving out for college. But I’ve blogged about this already, so I’ll just share a personal experience that I can actually consider the hardest, meaning I’m only the one who deals with it—family not involved.

I have some problems when it comes to keeping my friends close. I’m not really people-friendly because I’m socially awkward, but if ever I find someone I can be honest with or someone I can send links of funny videos and interesting things I found on the internet with, I keep them close. But then again, I’m not a very consistent friend. A lot of times I forget about my best friends. 5 or 6 months can pass without talking to them. I don’t know, I just tend to forget a lot of things. Even my childhood best friends—I haven’t seen and talked to them personally yet for almost a year. And we’re just neighbors. Maybe I’m the worst kind of friend.

Forgive me if I’m using the pronoun ‘It.’ Not comfortable enough to use he/she. Hehe

Mid-2012, I found a friend over the internet. Wait. It found me. We were schoolmates before, but he transferred to another university. We talked a lot. Through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and phone calls. It was such a good friend. It was there from morning til midnight. We’d talk about everything – mostly sports, tv series, love life, 9gag – anything.

Until one day, it said something to me. I was taken aback. I didn’t know the right words to say. I didn’t know how to properly handle the situation. Even though I knew what I really wanted to say, I said the complete opposite. It was sad. It found lots of friends in its university, which made me feel sad and abandoned. I felt strange. My routine wasn’t the same without it and I’s conversation. A few weeks later, it came back. I was so happy I thought I’d lost it forever. Then it met someone. It was happy. I was happy for it. But again, I felt strange. It came back. Repeat situation until it and I met. It was the end.

A.Y. 2013-2014 was sad. I felt sad a lot of times. I missed my friend a lot. Although we occasionally talk, I still want that same situation we were into before. But I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again.

It was hard. I couldn’t focus on my acads. I only liked to sleep a lot to forget things. I liked to stay out of my bed because I’d only remember. At times, I visit it’s profile and see that he’s happy. I really got sad. Saddest was even an understatement. Didn’t know I’d feel that sad for a friend. It made me realize how it feels to be forgotten.

Today, I don’t feel anything anymore. There are so many friends to meet in the near future. For now, I think it’s better off that way. I learned my lesson: I should not invest lots of stories and feelings to a friend. Sometimes it’s better to keep it to yourself. Because when the time comes that friend gets lost, you’ll feel lost eventually as well.

Hoping that I’m not going to miss it again in the future.


Going to share one of my favorite illustrations by Yumi Sakugawa. 🙂

Day 5: That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it

Not to brag but as far as my memory serves me right, I haven’t made a huge lie (ummm yet?) that I can share. Of course there are those white lies I did as a kid (and as an adult) but no matter how much I try to remember, I still couldn’t think of something I can consider as huge. Or maybe… every lie I told can actually be considered as something ‘huge’ for some people but not for me because I’ve already made so much lies that I couldn’t distinguish if it’s something huge or not. Meh.

Anyway, I’ll just tell those ridiculous lies I made as a kid that makes me laugh now and makes me realize how stupid I was when I did that.

5. The American Cousin

Back when I used to talk and gossip with my “guRlfrAndz” over the phone, I remember one time when my best friend told me about her American cousin named Andanise. She spoke to me over the phone at times but I still didn’t believe that. Because I was so competitive that I felt that I needed to top that American cousin, I made my own American cousin as well. Her name was “Kenny Lainozz.” What on Earth was I thinking? What a stupid name. I pretended to be Kenny and talked to my best friend—complete with an American accent.

giphy (7)

4. The Dream

I was always that student who always loved to recite in class. In our English class, we were asked about our last dream and tell it to the class. My classmates told weird and amazing stories and mine was utterly boring—so I decided to invent a dream! The dream was so lame because I just wanted to impress my crush that he was in my dream. Kill me now.

giphy (6)

3. When I forgot (to do) my assignment.

When I was in 5th grade, I forgot to do my assignment. I know it’s just a normal thing kids do but not for me. I was a very competitive student and I always wanted to be included in the honor roll. I can’t believe myself that I forgot about it! (I also remember that one time I forgot to do my assignment and my teacher made me leave the room. It was my birthday that day. Aww.) When it was already my turn to bring my assignment in front to be checked by my teacher, I told her I left it at home because the chart for cleaning materials (the homework) was too big for me to bring to school CONSIDERING that I live only a few blocks away from school. Damn it. How lame. In the end, my mom saw my Huge Zero and reprimanded me.

2. Doctor, Doctor I am sick

To make things clear, this was an unintentional lie. I didn’t plan for this. Hahahaha.

When I was in high school, I was always this sickly girl (dengue girl here, bitch!) who’s always in the clinic and my name’s the only name you can repeatedly see in the logbook of the school nurse. If only our school nurse were not that hot-headed, she could’ve been my best friend. One time during class, our High school principal excused me from class (it was a Math class… imagine being excused in a Math class… HEAVEN ON EARTH FEELING) saying that my father was there to fetch me because I’m supposed to have a medical appointment with my doctor. I hurriedly packed my bags and went with my father to the hospital, only to find out that the doctor was out. So instead, we ate lunch at Jollibee and went home. I slept and ate snacks. Didn’t bother going back to class.

1. Doctor, Doctor I am sick version 2.0

Since I was always sickly due to my allergy, the clinic became my sanctuary. I usually sleep because we had a slightly comfortable bed in school we can sleep on if we weren’t feeling well. At that time, I had my allergies but I couldn’t exactly remember if I felt ill or I was just sleepy. So there I went to the clinic, slept, and woke up feeling perfectly fine. When the nurse asked me if I was okay, I told them I still wasn’t feeling well. They asked me if I wanted to go home, to which of course I immediately replied, “Yes.” I commuted on my way home and our guidance counselor saw me smirking because of that lie. I told him I really didn’t feel well but then he asked me how am I able to commute if I was really not feeling well. When I got home, I slept and had my snacks.

giphy (5)


I’m not proud of lying. It’s a bad thing!! There were other bad things I’ve done as a kid, but now that I’m almost 20 years old, I now know that what I have done were things that my parents won’t be proud of if they knew about it. I’ve thought about these mistakes and sometimes, it still haunts me. Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson well: That lying just to impress is bad, and that lying about what you really feel can make you feel even worse. 🙂

Day 4: The Day you left home

I’m a constant traveller. I like going to places.  But I never dreamt of that—it just happens. Maybe I’m blessed with a great aunt and uncle who pay for my trips abroad, or maybe I’m blessed with parents who let me explore places I’ve never been to—even if that would mean that I have to leave home. Maybe, it’s because of the mole on my feet, which, according to hearsays, represents the desire for travel. When I was younger my mom already told me about this, and I’ve heard this also on a certain show on TV although I’m not sure if this has scientific basis. Probably none.

Thinking about travelling again makes me miss Hong Kong, Boston, China and Macau. 😦

Anyway, I never really left home for good—yet. I still go back home on semester breaks or during Christmas breaks. However, going to college would definitely be the longest period of time I’m away from home. As you know (probably not), I’m from Laguna – located in Southern part of Luzon, Philippines but I’m going to a university in Baguio (UP Baguio) located in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the Northern Philippines. Don’t ask me why I chose to study in Baguio because I also don’t know the answer—yet.

With that having said, I left home for college. I passed BA Communication in UP Baguio and my parents wanted me to go to UP. Don’t ask me why I did not go to UP Los Baños instead because I don’t know why either. Hahahaha.

Leaving home was hard! I had to do everything on my own – from laundry to cooking to waking up without my mother screaming at me to preparing for school.


We had a helper before that helped do all that at home, but now that I have to do it all by myself, it was horribly hard. A few days after my parents left me for college, I got homesick. I cried because I missed them so much. I didn’t have a laptop at that time yet, so it was just me and my phone. Good thing I had the best roommates for college and they helped me with that. I enjoyed my first year of college!


But the very day I left home – I was so anxious.


I couldn’t exactly remember what time it was nighttime. For the last time, I queued blog posts on tumblr (very dedicated blogger???) on our desktop PC because I didn’t have a laptop then yet. I stared at our house for long because I’m not sure when will I ever see it again. I went to my best friend’s house to bid goodbye and gave her my used books. I was still scared. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna survive college.

Fast forward to 2014, I believe leaving home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Leaving home meant away from comfort – which also meant an opportunity to seek for adventures I didn’t even wish for. It was the time I didn’t know I could do a lot of things. It was that time I learned there was a whole new life waiting for me in that city. I will never regret that decision. It was that time I proved myself that everything I wanted was on the other side of fear.


Day 3: Your favorite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world.

I am the worst cook in the world. If it weren’t for college independence, I wouldn’t have learned how to cook on my own. Even easy frying scares me to death. Frying eggs and hotdogs without actually burning them is already an achievement. Fast forward to three eventful years away from my parents’ cooking skills, I can say I’ve improved. I can now cook my own rice, fry foods other than eggs and hotdogs (eg, fish, meat, prawns) although I remember one time burning my food that I had to fake it while eating so that my housemates won’t notice my stupidity. Also I remember that time I woke up at 12 nn just in time for lunch so I decided to cook adobo– little did I know it was already 4 pm at that time. Basically it served to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in.

Anyway since I’m not really a cook, the only recipe I can share, which is also my favorite, would be porkchops in oyster sauce. It’s just very simple. Fry porkchops, remove them from the pan, saute garlic and onions (not sure if saute’s the right word basically hearing it from all them cooking shows) put oyster sauce and half a cup of water if you don’t want it salty. Put back those porkchops then eat. 

Dafuq did I just say. o_O I don’t even consider it as a recipe! Hahahahaha good thing I didn’t wish to be a chef when I was younger hahahahahaha