Writing dilemma


It is officially my semestral break and I am officially alive again after I was killed momentarily by that horrendous thing called first semester. I can’t even believe I survived. I can’t even believe I’m alive. Kidding aside, I loved every single one of my professors this semester. I have 2 instructors for 4 of my subjects and they were really, really good. I mean they didn’t have to be terror to make me study the lectures. I believe that my diligence is directly proportional to kind instructors. Aside from these irrelevant things I’m saying, I am now going to reveal my problem for this semester and I guess for the next semesters to come.

(Take time to admire the photo I posted above, come on)

You see, I’m a Journalism student, so technically, I have Journalism subjects. On one of my subjects called J102: Newswriting, we are obviously tasked to write news article per beats. Yes I was able to accomplish those writing assignments, yes I got good grades, but for me it just doesn’t stop there. I want to improve my writing skills (or if I do not have the ‘writing skills’, I wanna have one).

I think I have problems with my writing style. Honestly, if I were the reader, I’d be bored and opt to die instead. No actually I was exaggerating. I have very minor problems on grammar, but I don’t like the way I write. It’s just like I don’t feel anything about my article. It’s just like that — a plain old article.

This problem stems from what I was always told before I even took my majors. Be objective. I write objectively that it comes to the point wherein everything I tell becomes boring. I know my intention is to write news, not to mind other people’s feelings, but sometimes I feel that you should, without the expense of sensationalism.

So this semestral break, I’m going to study or learn everything I can in order to improve my writing abilities. Aside from watching Breaking Bad, I think I should start improving because this is my course. No matter how much I force my parents to transfer me to another school, I guess I’d have to stick with this course.

Which makes me a little sad because I want to shift to Marketing/Advertising.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Journalism. But it’s just that it upsets me every time I try to write a news article, I end up feeling like a student version of a plant.

I’m getting all the help I could get from the net, books, and other bloggers.

I wish I could still improve. I should. Next subject I’m going to take up would be Comm 199: Communication Research. I’d be dead if I don’t improve. So dead.