Day 7: 9 things you just can’t handle

1. Cockroaches. Moreover, cockroaches with advanced capabilities; e.g. flying cockroaches. Why can cockroaches fly and pigs can’t? It would have been pretty cool to see flying pigs in the evening while having pork for dinner. So heavenly and ridiculous at the same time. Or why can’t humans fly instead? Why does it have to be, of all creatures, cockroaches? They already look powerful even without doing anything.

2. Foul odor. Spoiled/Rotten food or dead animals. I once watched a live scene of a cat chasing a rat at an alley near our place in Baguio while I was eating a bowl of arroz caldo one night. The rat died a few meters away from me. The next morning, the rat was still there. Such a wonderful sight to see on my way to school.

3. Gross kinds of teeth. Those teeth which make you think if they can still be considered as teeth. 

4. Frog dissection aka the nightmare in 2nd year high school.

5. Sewage.

6.  Blood. But I’ve kind of gotten used to it for the love of Breaking Bad. But seeing an actual blood from an accident or injury grosses me out.

7. Photos of rare diseases posted on the internet. Like when you’re having a good day then someone from your facebook friends shares an indecent photo of a disease.

8. Snakes and other slimy animals like eel, etc.

9. Spiders.

It was really hard to think of gross things because I am gross as well. Feelis like I belong in this category. Kidding aside, I think what I really find gross about my list would be that frog dissection thing in high school where we had to hold a live frog and label its parts and actually touching a frog. For heaven’s sake I had group mates who were also as scared as I am and still I couldn’t forget that frog. Haunts me everytime. Wondering where that frog is now. Rest in peace, froggy. Thanks for helping me in Biology.

I was supposed to put ‘feelings’ in the list but I’m really not in the mood to blog. I’m just tired. Haha.