50 Things to Blog About

The idea of having a 3-month vacation due to the academic calendar shift in our university excited me at first, because it is only fair enough for me to get a compensation from my “barely no sleep” semester that happened before summer. I’m not even exaggerating. But now that I’m in the middle of this looong vacation, I’m starting to realize that having a long vacation from writing might affect my academics when I get back on school. I admit that I got weary with writing (particularly because Journalism… and tons of requirements) but I’m not complaining because I think writing is not a chore.

So starting today, inspired by this blog post, I’m going to write something to enhance my crappy writing skills and to prevent mental weariness from writing.

DAY ONE: That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever

 Applying for UPCAT.


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When I was in third year high school I still had no plans of what course to take in college. All I wanted then was that course should not have anything to do with Math or numbers in particular– a decision greatly influenced by Geometry and Statistics that I was taking up at that moment. But what’s worse is that I was so clueless where and what university should I apply for, because I knew that decision were out of my hands. Although I can still remember my mom mentioning a few years back that she wanted me to take Nursing in UST because it was an in demand course at that time. 

I remember my classmates preparing requirements for the UPCAT. Still clueless, I just watched them prepare and talk about it. I didn’t know that it was one of the most-awaited college admission test in the country. I don’t even know why I didn’t know what UP was, but I remember it was something taught to us related to Thomasites in Sibika in gradeschool. Little did I know UP wasn’t just a university; It was the university.

I forgot who convinced me to join them to prepare the requirements but I’m 100% sure it wasn’t me who initiated to apply for it as I was so clueless with life at that time. (And my indolence with tasks like that is a cogent evidence). I remember how my dad would always get annoyed with my futility w/ regards to passing requirements for a college entrance exam that he asked our guidance counselor to help me with it. Haha.

Back to the UPCAT, I joined my classmates in passing requirements and finally going to UPLB to take the UPCAT. Was so nervous I wanted to puke right before I entered the room. I was one of the early birds (What was I thinking?? I was only from Calamba) and we were there at 5 in the morning. We had breakfast in McDo but I wasn’t able to eat a lot (because nervousnesssssss). When I took the exam, there were some familiar faces at the university — some were my classmates in my former school, some I competed with at a quiz bee. Went to see my classmates who likewise took the exam and got home. Also, during the exam, I tripped on a barrier at the restroom and some parents witnessed my idiocy. Wanted to disappear and never go back to the room again. (What a perfect time to let everyone witness your stupidity, Tin!!!!)


I also remember that there was a student who brought about 30 pcs of Mongol pencils. WHAT. IN THE WORLD. WAS SHE. THINKING.

When I reached a particular sub test, I got hungry and ate my snacks. And I continued to answer the test. Hours had passed and finally, the excruciating exam has ended. I admit it was kind of easier compared to my assessment test in Brain Train (which I failed by the way) but right then and there, when I finished the test, I knew I wasn’t going to pass. I was sure of that.



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Told it to my parents so that they wouldn’t get upset if ever I didn’t get in. There was a second option: apply for another university. So I did. 

One early morning after a few months from the painful UPCAT and right before my mom woke me up to go to school, I received a text message from my preschool best friend that I passed the holy UPCAT. Didn’t want to believe it because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t. But I did. Results were really out as it came from the news, and my parents saw it on the computer that fateful day. I clearly remember that my name was on the list! When I got to school, people were congratulating me and what I liked about it was that those teachers who thought I wouldn’t pass the exam saw it in their faces. I FUCKING DID IT, I SAID TO MYSELF. I did not say that, actually. But I should’ve said that.


It was such a happy moment. If I didn’t join my friends to pass requirements for the UPCAT, I wouldn’t have passed the exam. I wouldn’t be studying in such a great place called Baguio City. I wouldn’t have had great college friends, orgs, and I wouldn’t have had learned to be independent. I wouldn’t have had known someone who taught me how to handle things maturely. I wouldn’t have had done things I thought was too impossible for a fearful girl like me. 

At times, I admit I want to transfer to another university, because I feel inferior in UP. But now I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m not in this university to feel superior and rank higher against anybody in the school. I’m here to learn, and I’m here to make myself ready when the time comes that I need to make wise decisions on my own. Only 3 years in this university and I’m learning a lot, not only through academics, but through surviving life away from my family. 

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What to do this Summer!



Aside from exercising your ass out in bed with the laptop in front of you and your other hand grabbing some potato chips, why not try these ten tips to make your summer more memorable?

Pardon my nonexistent photoshop skills, but I think it’s time for us to make a change in our lives especially that we’re getting older; no one wants a lame life flashback when everything ends, do you? Here are some of my lame explanations for the typography I just confessed I made for you guys:

1. Exercise! A little stretching and jogging won’t hurt, right? Why not take 15 minutes of your oh so precious life and take time to stretch those limbs up! Aside from the fact that it’s free (unless you would want to enroll on fitness training whatever you call them), it would make you healthy! Trust me, I’m an engineer! (wait, wut?)

2. Read. Nah, you don’t have to read a 35,647-page novel and just end up dying! Everything is a must-read, I tell you. Those advertisements on the streets? Read up and see what you might find out. Newspapers, books, bible, and even leaflets can help enhance your critical thinking skills (that is if there are).

3. SLEEP. Now’s the time to take a good zzzzzz from all those sleepless nights you had because of studying (really?) last semester. Sleep early, no one would even bother to call you up late at night to hang out, I’m pretty sure.

4. Vote! Aside from exercising your limbs, exercise your right to vote! Make sure you’re at least 18 years of age and are registered into your local barangays for you to vote. Vote for someone deserving, stop voting the corrupt politician, it will help you and your community as well.

5. Laugh! This is the easiest way to be happy this summer. Let that smile radiate from your body and inspire others to smile too! Read a good joke book. Watch a comedy movie. Look at your face in the mirror. See? You just laughed!

6. Inspire. Inspire others to do good deeds this summer! Going to church? Why don’t you ask your friends or family to join you? Want to join a fun run? Bring your classmates along! Tag someone along with the good deeds you want to do and you’ll both enjoy life. Again, trust me, I’m an engineer.

7. Spend. And when I say spend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to withdraw from your atm card for you to shop. Well maybe you can, but spend time, not money. Spend time with your old friends, catch up on each others lives! Spend time with your sibs and parents, these things make good memories for you to remember some time in the future.

8. Love. Love is in the air this summer for most people, why not join the bandwagon? Don’t have a partner? Love your dog instead! Don’t have a dog? Love your fish instead! Don’t have a fish? Love the ants instead! If all else fails and ants don’t appear in front of you for you to love them, then love yourself instead! There’s plenty of reasons to love, after all. 🙂

9. Eat! Aside from junk foods, why not try eating fruits? Local delicacies? Never tasted a particular dish before? Now’s the time to try it! Who knows, it might be one of the best food you have ever tasted in your life. Om nom nom nom your way to a healthy lifestyle!

10. Try. 😉 Try to break those bad habits you’ve been doing for some years now! Try doing something new, dare to be different! 🙂 Try another hairstyle, if you don’t like it, bald would be a good idea! Try bungee jumping, snorkeling, going on for an adventure, travelling! There’s so much more life’s got to offer you!

These ten tips are just simple things that would help you be a great person and would help you satisfy the pleasure you wanted. Make sure to enjoy while doing these things! 🙂


After almost 5 months of finding the courage to wake up for my everyday 7 am classes, finally, the second semester is coming to and end.

Not that I’m happy about it, but somehow I find it difficult to be happy because I think I enjoyed this sem a lot! Of course it has been a very, very exhausting semester because of (prods!!!!!) but still, I didn’t feel any stress at all (lol no).

Here is a run-down of my 2nd semester (in bullets because I’m no good in using transition words lol)

1. Broadcasting 101. On our first day of classes, our instructor was already insisting that February 15 is the dropping date for all subjects. I’m gonna miss this subject so much because of the productions, ‘zapzone wake up please we need to print our script for our 7 am classes’ memories, never-ending meets, script, boardworks, solo boardworks, radio experience, campus radio tour, DZUP Baguio launch for CAC week, name it, I guess 70% of acads stress came from this subject. I’m going to miss this subject so much, heck!! I’ll miss my classmates, my very very witty radio dj turned instructor, and my very own talo kayo production team groupmates. Made me love broadcasting so much. Thank God it’s my minor!

2. Fil 30. There never was a day that I didn’t laugh because of my instructor’s funny antics. I learned so much from this subject! Thank God Sir Io still accepted me because I just TP-ed for this. I loved every lecture and I just hope we could extend, or if not maybe I could have Sir Io as my instructor every day 5ever (lol clingy) I learned so much, really, from movies, to theater plays, to not so good theater plays (wink), to advertisements, everything pop, et cetera. This subject has been a very great stress reliever for me.

3. Burnham nights. I’m too blessed to study here in Baguio because I have the famous Burnham park within my reach. Sometimes, during my sentimental mode days, I just walk along session road and buy myself a frappe or a milk shake and walk my way to Burnham, sit and watch the sunset, watch those kids who do carolling even if it’s February already, talk to a friend, tell her about my disappointments and problems in life, then go home. Just an ordinary walk in the park makes a day satisfying.

4. The one who must not be mentioned. Even though you have disappointed me a million times this semester, still, you keep me inspired. Thank you for keeping me company through the interwebz and keeping up with my insanity. I became instantly happier and I didn’t know I could still be happier with this set-up. Thank you for existing in my life this year. I know we’re in a ‘can’t explain the status’ set-up, but please bear with me first or if not, just leave and don’t come back. Oops.

5. Roomies. This suddenly made me sad because after a couple of hours, my long-time roommate Ate Pong, is going home already. She’s going to Manila for her check-up and I might not be able to attend her graduation day because summer school sucks. God I’m going to miss her so much, she’s one of the kindest person I know. Ate Aina’s staying longer but I’m gonna miss her too as well as Ate Abi. 3 of my roommates are graduating this April and I can’t bear the thought of them not being my roommates anymore (huhu). Yes, I hate goodbyes so much that in any minute now, I might burst into tears.

6. Papers. I’ve never used my brain so much to think of appropriate words to use in my paper that I think my brain started to vomit oxygen because nothing IS EVER RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND EVERYTIME I DO MY PAPERS. This is also called Tin’s disease. RF: Did you know that I can only work and focus if I use Microsoft Word? Technology-dependent blogger here. Not gonna miss them. 

7. NSTP. My experience during NSTP is also a wonderful yet time-consuming, wallet-demanding activity which taught me how to deal with other people. It has taught me to be more sensitive. It has taught me the real life– life is a matter of survival. We worked in DSWD CAR for our NSTP and hats off to the clients we taught to every Sundays, they’re very, very strong to face those challenges! I learned to value life and friendship there. I missed them so much.

8. New found friends! It was my first time to be classmates with my CAC batchmates this semester and I’m glad I found new friends: Cass, Yani, Pau, April, Kash, Koko, Sheena, Shiela, Jam!, and a lot more. It was nice to befriend them, since we all exist in the same college, and they’re really nice. Weird that I have more Speech majors friends than Journ friends. Nonetheless, I loved their company!

9. The Library. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, (BUT PLEASE DO) I WILL BE MISSING THE LIBRARY… FOR A WHILE. Yes it has kept me company during my vacants and it taught me to value the printed word as well. I never had a favorite spot for this semester because it’s always either occupied or people too noisy are just two tables away from me and I can’t concentrate while I use facebook mobile HEHEHE. Also I’m going to miss the multipurpose hall and the discussion room where noisy people like me are supposed to kept inside. I have been reprimanded many times by the strict manong in the library but it always is not my fault. It’s either the people beside my table or my friends. Srsly I’m explaining

Actually, I have a lot to miss this 2nd semester but I’m too sleepy to list them all out. Maybe in time I’m going to blog them for part two, but did you know that I prioritized this over my exams and papers? Yeah, you read it right. I’m a full-time blogger, I guess.