Day 3: Your favorite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world.

I am the worst cook in the world. If it weren’t for college independence, I wouldn’t have learned how to cook on my own. Even easy frying scares me to death. Frying eggs and hotdogs without actually burning them is already an achievement. Fast forward to three eventful years away from my parents’ cooking skills, I can say I’ve improved. I can now cook my own rice, fry foods other than eggs and hotdogs (eg, fish, meat, prawns) although I remember one time burning my food that I had to fake it while eating so that my housemates won’t notice my stupidity. Also I remember that time I woke up at 12 nn just in time for lunch so I decided to cook adobo– little did I know it was already 4 pm at that time. Basically it served to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in.

Anyway since I’m not really a cook, the only recipe I can share, which is also my favorite, would be porkchops in oyster sauce. It’s just very simple. Fry porkchops, remove them from the pan, saute garlic and onions (not sure if saute’s the right word basically hearing it from all them cooking shows) put oyster sauce and half a cup of water if you don’t want it salty. Put back those porkchops then eat. 

Dafuq did I just say. o_O I don’t even consider it as a recipe! Hahahahaha good thing I didn’t wish to be a chef when I was younger hahahahahaha